5 July 21

Commencing tomorrow, Smile, West Africa’s pioneer 4G LTE broadband service provider, will be offering its teeming customers a 100% bonus on recharge on any of its Bigga data plans. This bonus offer, fondly dubbed Double Data Offer, will last for fourteen Smile offers the best-in-class mobile broadband internet for business customers. Our business customers benefit from a range of industry-leading data solutions customized to their business needs and ensure that they're always connected. We offer flexible, reliable, dedicated broadband at SuperFast speeds with 24/7 service and customer-centric support. Smile also supplies several 4G LTE-compatible access devices that are intuitive and developed to professional business customers' needs. Our latest innovation, SmileVoice, offers superior quality of clear voice calls, connects on the first attempt, and doesn't drop when connecting to Smile's network. There is no need to load additional airtime as SmileVoice calls are charged in MBs from an active data bundle. Employees can call anyone, anywhere in the world from their mobile phones – calls can be placed using the SmileVoice App available for Android or iPhone or a VoLTE handset with a Smile SIM card. We also cater to the needs of mobile professionals and businesses, enabling reliable remote access for employees. Our service quality is guaranteed and ensures that your business benefits from SuperFast, uninterrupted mobile broadband all the time.